OMG IS AIZEN THE MAN?!?! (theory)Aizen couldn’t beat YAMA Bankai (I was wrong about that) and I think he used these Vanden mofo’s to do it for him , since WW failed to take “ALL THE FLAMES” . WW took some of the fame

Did  Aizen manipulate people?  Of course he never expected Ichigo to beat him (his anger was too geniune) but did he somehow bring this about?

Okay I really just miss Aizen. Gonna stop now

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  2. loona-cry said: Yama’s Bankai wasn’t the problem, it was the spread of his Shikai which would negate Aizen’s KS decoys and leave him open to be being burnt. With the Bankai Aizen could just KS as it’s focused in one general area, Yama’s Shikai not so much.