This is not an attack, and for the record I don’t ship Sterek, I don’t see Sterek,  I don’t understand how anyone can think it exists…and yes sometimes I get tired of seeing it on my dash or in the tag. I simply ignore it, unless there are good gifsets then I reblog…I don’t blacklists because I don’t require the people I follow to like EVERYTHING I like, I simply ignore any posts about shit I don’t like…Not saying you have to, that’s just my personal choice, it doesn’t have to be yours.  Nor am I attacking you for hating Sterek or being vocal about it, you have every right to do so, and tags are not fan clubs so you have every right to tag your hate under Sterek, if you choose to do so because even anti posts are still discussing Sterek. I just want to be clear, I am not attacking your views but there is something you guys rage about, that I must say that the intensity of your hatred puzzles me

My question is this:  Why does it bother you so MUCH, when people replace Scott or re-imagine his character, or leave his character out in Sterek Fics?

Because I find your hatred a bit irrational, and so that’s why I am trying to understand it, rather than condemn you for it. I find it irrational because…

It’s a fanfiction for one thing. The characterization does not have to follow Canon. It is entirely up to the author of said fic, on how they portray Scott. If they want to make him a douchebag, or whatever, it’s their prerogative.  Just because you’re a Scott fan, doesn’t mean they have to be…the fic is based on their otp, it’s not about Scott.  He doesn’t have to be included in it, and if they want to write Stiles with Scott’s attributes, then they have a right to do so. It’s their fic, their ship, they are not required to conform to your standards. I mean if you think they don’t do Scott right, then how about you write your own fiction. (Why are you reading Sterek fics if you dislike them anyway? )  I just don’t get it….seriously why does that bother you so much? I just don’t understand it… Can someone please explain how and why that’s a crime? I was just wondering because I don’t understand wh that bothers you guys so much

Again, no hate, just an attempt to understand you, because right now I don’t